Long İsland Stair Repair And Sanding

Our company, which provides services for wooden floors in the Long island region, offers you services such as sanding of all woods, cleaning and polishing of wooden floors and sanding of parquet floors with its skillful employees and honest team. The cost of repairing your parquet floors by our company is determined by our masters according to every budget, and these prices are determined per square meter of the floor area.

Thanks to its expert staff, our company has been carrying out the sanding, assembly, polishing, refining and repairing of wooden floors for Long Island and New York City customers for many years. You can be sure that we will give you the best price and service in the repair and installation of wooden floors for buildings such as Home Office. Besides, you can be sure that we will always offer you the highest quality flooring work.

In addition to our Long Island floor repair work, we also do various wooden floor works such as floor renovation, sub floor assembly, floor sanding, painting and polishing, in addition to stair repair and sanding. You can get information by calling our contact number for the work and workmanship to be done by making use of all these products and services. You can request a discovery from Mr. Özgür Suni for the work to be done.

Long İsland Stair Repair And Sanding

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